The view from Tianfu Square, downtown Chengdu. The visible haze is a combination of water vapor – being situated in a valley the air is very stagnant and we rarely see the sun – and pollution.

The ubiquitous Chairman, watching over the flowering of full blown free market capitalism. Tianfu Square, Chengdu.

An apparently halted construction project, as seen beyond the outdoor sports complex, Sichuan Normal University, Chengdu.

Inside a garden at Renmin Park (The People’s Park), central Chengdu.

Inside a little shelter, Renmin Park, central Chengdu.

Note: To see more photos, simply click on any photo and you should be taken to my Flickr account (Chengdu16) where additional photos are posted. It’s a very time consuming process to post photos on-line with our internet connection here in China. Add to that the fact that we can’t actually see any of the photos we post. I hope you enjoy seeing a little of China as we see it through our lens. We’ll keep posting photos as we’re able.