You have a chance to see Chengdu, China for yourselves this Tuesday and Friday mornings, the 11th and 14th of September. You will have to set your recorders, unless you get up mighty early. This is also presuming that they’ll have some aerial shots, and actually show Chengdu, and not just the games.

On Tuesday morning at 5AM Eastern Time, 4AM Central, and 2AM West Coast, the US team will face North Korea. And at 8AM ET, Nigeria and Sweden square off. That’s six hours of early morning FIFA women’s World Cup soccer live from Chengdu for ya. Both games will be broadcast on ESPN2.

And on Friday the 14th, the US will face Sweden at 5AM ET, on ESPN and then North Korea plays Nigeria at 8AM on ESPN2.

Tuesday’s game times here are 5PM and 8PM, as we are 12 hours ahead of the East Coast, and we plan to be at the games. Look for us in the crowd shots! And tune in and see where we live.