Last Monday evening it was getting a little chilly. There’s no heat in China, except for portable heaters. We have the type which resemble a radiator. I went to plug it in, and the plug blew up in my hand. It turned my whole right hand black, and hurt like hell. I immediately went out to the gate outside our apartment, and broke off an aloe vera leaf. Lara was at the gym, but when she got back I showed it to her, and she moved into Medic mode. I ended up soaking it in ice for a couple of hours, and Lara cleaned it and applied some burn cream. I went to the Doctor the next morning, and have been back several times in the last week. They gave us some Chinese herbal burn cream which is working really well. The highlight of the treatments was when they decided they had to drain the blisters, and cut off the skin. That was sweet. But in the long run, I think it was a good idea, as it’s speeded up the healing process. Yesterday and today is the first time I can type with both hands, and it will be another couple of days before I can write with a pen.

That being said, I want to let you know about a new addition to the site. Like the page Signs, which is an on going cataloguing of humorous signs from China, the new page Peculiarities will chronicle, as the name suggests, unusual social and cultural phenomenon. Like Signs, it will be periodically updated, so check it out.