Someone, or some committee, or work unit, or automatic process within the Chinese State Apparatus, has determined that this Blog should not be seen in China.  As of two weeks ago, although I can access the WordPress site just fine, I can no longer access my own Blog.  This means, of course, that not only the 1.3 billion inhabitants of China can not see it, but neither can yours truly.  This is turn makes maintaining this Blog that much more of an adventure.  It takes on the dimensions of  a Spy Novel, or Espionage thriller.  Well, not really, but it makes it more interesting to think so.  Frankly, I have no idea why this has happened and, although I wear this censorship like a badge of honor, the actual reasons for it are probably fairly mundane, routine really.  Which is how State repression works most of the time.

So this explains the delay in postings this month.  Fortunately, a comrade in an undisclosed location has stepped in to help, so this Blog will in fact continue, despite the feeble attempts of the Chinese government to stop it.  I actually do not think they are trying to stop me from expressing myself. Rather, they want to make it more difficult, more of a hassle, which is what huge State bureaucracies thrive on, right?  It’s a hassle to do anything in this country, so why should maintaining a Blog be any different?

This censorship actually turns me in a new, more free direction.  Dialectically, the Chinese should have seen this coming.  Now that I no longer have to worry about being censored, because I already am, I can speak more openly about what I think and what I see.  I have nothing to lose now.  Stay posted.