While visiting Lara and I here in Chengdu, China our friend Jon made the mistake of taking us up on an offer to see a genuine Sichuan Opera. More akin to vaudeville theater or a circus than an Opera per se, we were all having an enjoyable time. Midway through the performance a gentleman came out in the audience in search of a “volunteer.” Jon immediately went into to a ‘pick-anyone-but-me’ body language routine, which drew the man like a shark to blood. With a look of panic, Jon went up on stage.

Below are some photos of the opera, the section in which performers instantly change their faces, going through a whole series of masks throughout the performance. This is followed by a video of the knife throwing routine which Jon “volunteered” for. In watching the video, I don’t know what’s funnier, Jon up on stage, or Lara, his friend Mark, and I all laughing hysterically.