My name is Paul Glavin and my wife, Lara Lee Messersmith, and I are going to China for a year. I do Chinese Medicine, and practice Tai Ji Chuan, and Lara has a Masters in Applied Linguistics, and will be teaching graduate school. This is where I’ll be reporting on our lives and what we experience there.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. rita divito Says:

    You two are so so awesome! I just love to read about this journey. You are just amazing…we can all just see you growing and changing. Sometimes I feel so bad for you and then the next few lines and i envy you. The pics and all your descriptions are fabulous!! This will be a great book to share with those kids of yours that will be coming. Pick out some cute names while you are there. you both are so clever. LOVE!!

  2. I publish The Oriental Medicine and would like to run a feature on your travels. I studied in Guangzhao where I received my PhD in TCM and have been practicing for 25 years. Your pictures and stories are inspiring. drfy

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