This page is dedicated to signs in China. Everything from billboards and store advertisements to park signs and t-shirts. I’ll be continually updating it over the next year as I come across signs which utilize both Chinese and, shall I say, innovative uses of English.

Perhaps the mirror opposite of the popularity of having Chinese characters on t-shirts, cups, wall hangings and tattoos in the US is the sheer volume of English language used in promotions and especially on young people’s t-shirts here. As of yet I have not seen anyone with “Apple,” “Nike,” or “USA” tattooed on any part of their body, however.

I particularly like the blood dripping from the monkey’s teeth. This was on a tourist island (4 Island Tour!) where we didn’t see any monkeys.

This was a place on a back street in Bangkok. It offers two of my favorite things, but actually has neither available. You can get a room here though.

This is the back of someone’s t-shirt on a water taxi in Bangkok.

Strangely, this is the last photo I took in Thailand.

It's So Civilized

Keep Morder


No Burning

No Scribbling

Welcoming You

Get Close

Slip Carefully

Jack Hut
This is a little ice cream place, just outside the South Gate at our University. For awhile the workers there wore baseball hats, with Jack Hut emblazoned on them.

Pearl Harbor
An unfortunately named jewelry store.


Get out port

Cable Car Sign
“The Dementia man, Disabled person and Not automatic control ability old agepatient …” and other prohibitions.

Take the Medicine

Dash Price

Pet Prohibition



Alien's Street

No Striding
But shuffling is encouraged.

Chengdu Billboards

Bikes and Chubby Go
Every street light we have seen has a Green for bikes. More rare is the Green for the overweight.

The Olympic Countdown Clock, Tiananmen Square, Beijng.


These establishments occupy one side of Tianfu Square, central Chengdu. On the other side is the huge statue of Chairman Mao.

Lara took this one. It’s a little place in Beijing.

Tibetan @
If you can read Tibetan, tell me what this says.

Outside SNU
Lara, outside the main gates at Sichuan Normal University, what we call home. This is the shopping mall right next to the gates. It’s comprised of hair stylists, restaurants, street vendors, and fruit and vegtable sellers. The place has a slight Blade Runner feel to it.

View from Teahouse
The Shangrila Towers dwarfing a local teahouse.


9 Responses to “Signs”

  1. Mary B Says:

    Paul, Are there signs for public toilets? What about phones? Mary

  2. PG Says:

    For toliets they have both Chinese characters and English indicating it’s a bathroom. Men’s usually have a pipe, and women’s a high heeled shoe. I kid you not. Phones usually have their own booth.

  3. KG Says:

    The striding one made me crack up.

    It looks really cool! Good to see you are happy. i found out today that I’m going on a mission service trip to Peru next month!

  4. Elaine Pawlak Says:

    I like “Lie Fallow Duds.” I wonder what they thought they were

    Is Alien street for non-Chinese only? : )

  5. Cheryl McCarthy Says:

    HI Paul,

    I lOVE the signs! Thanks for giving us a peak into your life.

  6. Retta and John Says:

    The cable directions are terrific! Imagine dementia man and an automatic control ability old age patient wanting to ride the cableway! Could they ride if not lonely? Why do I hear, “In New York, it’s Saturday night!”
    Keeping our hang boxes clean here boss!

  7. Jodi Says:

    Re: the third sign from the bottom. If my Tibetan still serves me well, I think the text says “No Gods, No Masters.”

  8. Elaine Says:

    The signs are really funny. They must provide many laughs on your

    The signs indicate a need for more or full-time ESL teachers.

    You and Lara could have full time jobs retranslating signs. : )

  9. Steven Says:

    Good shots. Slayer!

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